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About Me

I started creating web pages back in high school. It all started with wanting to customize a game online; however, this transformed into an interest and hobby. My very first site was a Forever Knight fan site, and it only had basic html, a very basic design, no CSS, and definitely not validated through W3C.

In 2002 I created my largest site of the time, Vampires of Anime. This website actually used some of my first attempts at Photoshop, and CSS. Around the same time I graduated from high school, and enrolled at the Community College of Vermont. I graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts in 2007, and in 2010 I made the decision to get my Bachelor’s degree in Web Development at Champlain College.

Some of my recent work can be viewed on my portfolio called Beautiful Tragedy. It showcases a few of the images I've made, client work, experiments, and some personal projects. It' also home to my Senior Project, Pathfinder SQL, which uses MySQL and PHP to save and create character sheets for the game of the same name. This project is the prototype or Alpha of something that I hope to build upon in the future.

I developed a protype site for Seven Days, and their Stuck in Vermont video series, that would feature a Map with all of their video’s locations in Vermont. The map uses Google’s API along with YouTube’s JSON feed, so whenever the Stuck in Vermont user uploads a new video and marks it in YouTube’s settings, it will automatically onto the map.

In January 2013, I interned at a small startup called Girlzone, a site that is target to young girls and helps answer those tough questions. I connected with the developers and president to work out bugs and content issues, along with helping to teach how to use the site.

On May 4, 2013 I graduated from Champlain College, with a Bachelor's in Web Development and a minor in Web Design, and three months later became the Web Developer at HMC Advertising.

Currently I'm working at an agency in Richmond, Vermont, called HMC Advertising, and on small experiments in Unity, Ghost, and the Javascript game engine. I hope in the future these can become bigger projects and something more.

Wordpress, Jquery, PHP, CSS, LESS, HTML, AJAX,

Thinkgs I Know with C#, Drupal, Social APIs, mySQL

Things I'm Familiar With

Craft Beer, Design, Drawing, Photography, Code ☻ , Indie Games, Street Art

Things I Like

Node.js, Ruby, Ghost

Things I'm Learning

Ready to Work!

Where I Roost

Burlington, Vermont